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  1. Mishaps happen and people are left immobile for months on end. Steerable Knee Walkers are a safe and comfortable crutch alternative. EZ Walker Rollators provides a wide selection of knee walkers to help you regain your mobilty and remain active.

    Most models feature a removable basket, rear disc brakes and are foldable too.  The Hybrid and All Terrain knee walkers feature air-filled wheels, allows you to navigate bumps or rough surfaces with ease. Standard knee walkers are ideal for indoors and smooth surfaces.

    EZ Walker Rollators is a leading online store that offers a complete array of mobility aid products and walker accessories with famous brands like Drive, Guardian, KneeRover, Medline, Nova, ProBasics, Roscoe, and Stander.

    We have introduced two new products. The Drive Nitro Rolling Walker is sporty European style and has a unique feature called a "step-tube". We could call it a "curb stepper." It helps users easily lift the front wheels over a curb. The All Terrain Sport Rollators have air-filled wheels are perfect for hiking and navigating rough terrain.

  2. Don’t let a foot, ankle, leg or hip injury slow you down! Make things easier on yourself. Get a steerable knee walker or seated scooter, a safe and comfortable crutch alternative, from EZ Walker Rollators and stop struggling with clumsy crutches.

    EZ Walker Rollators feature medical knee walkers and scooters that will more than surpass the imagination of patients. They feature durable products at competitive prices to help patients of all types and sizes, from junior, petite and tall to heavy-duty bariatric. Whether for indoors or outdoors, smooth or rough surfaces, EZ Walker Rollators has a model to accommodate your needs. Choose from Standard, Hybrid, All Terrain knee walkers or a seated scooter.

    EZ Walker Rollators is your one-stop shop for walking aid need such as knee walkers, seated scooters, rollators, wheeled and rolling walkers.  EZ Walker Rentals features rental steerable knee walkers, seated scooters and all terrain rollators. Need a hand figuring out which one to invest in? Visit our website for more information.
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