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Gel Titanium Cushion - Drive Medical
Gel Titanium Cushion - Drive Medical
FPT-1 Cushion
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Gel Titanium Wheelchair Cushion from Drive

Sit in comfort with this line of pressure reducing cushions from Drive Medical. The Gel Titanium cushion offers superior pressure redistribution, skin protection and positioning.

This cushion has a removable and replaceable cover. It comes in nine sizes to fit the seat you need it to and has up to a 500 lb. capacity (FPT-4, FPT-5).

Feature Highlights:
• Soft, Resilient Foam Layers
• Dual Chamber Gel Bladder- Better Patient Immersion, Enhanced Comfort
• Medium Contour Gently Abducts and Supports Proper Pelvic Alignment
• Cover is Water Resistant with "Non-Skid" Base
• 275 Lb. Weight Capacity, 500 Lb. Capacity 

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Manufacturer | HCPCS Code Drive Medical | E2607 - E2608
Dimensions Various sizes with 3.5" thickness
Weight-Bearing Capacity Up to 20 " - 275 lbs.
Weight-Bearing Capacity 22" and Up - 500 lbs. - FPT-4, FPT-5, FPT-6, FPT-7
Features Benefits
Viscous Gel Center Pressure Reduction, Support and Comfort
Fire Retardant Polyurethane Foam Shell Safety
Removable and Replaceable Cover Comfort & Convenience
Water-Resistant "Top" and "Non-Skid" Base Stability
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