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Brake Assembly Kit - Medline Rollator MDS86825SL
Brake Assembly Kit - Medline Rollator MDS86825SL
MDS86825SLBRK Kit InstalledOPTIONAL Cable Keeper Assemb;y
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Brake Assembly Replacement Kit for Medline MDS86825SL Walker Rollators

This Assembled Pair Includes (Left and Right) Hand-grip, Handle, Brakes and Cable with Sleeve.
Cable Keeper Assembly is a NOT INCLUDED OPTION.

Fits Models: MDS86825SLR, MDS86825SLB, MDS86825DLX

This Walker Brake System fits the Medline Rolling Walkers listed above. To be sure, look on the sticker under the seat or on the frame of your rollator for one of those model numbers.

Otherwise, check
Brake System Reference Table Below. 
And, if you still Need Help, Call us at 1/877/342-1470.

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Features Benefits
MDS86810, MDS86810B, MDS86810G, MDS86810BLK, MDS86811 MDS86810BRK
MDS86825, MDS86825BC MDS86825BRK
MDS86825SL, MDS86825SLR, MDS86825DLX MDS86825SLBRK
MDS86826W MDS86825BRK
MDS86835W MDS868356WBRK
MDS86850, MDS86850E, MDS86850EB MDS85850BRK
MDS808200TR (TRR) WCATR0001
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