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Steerable Knee Walkers, Seated Scooters & Parts

Our steerable knee walkers for sale are an alternative to crutches and offer comfort and ease of mobility to patients who cannot put weight on their (one) foot or ankle, but want to remain active.

All-Terrain Knee Scooter Walkers can be used outdoors as well as inside. Knee Scooter Walkers have collapsible folding mechanisms to allow for easy transport and storage. We also carry knee walker parts.


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Parts and Accessories to Fit Most Steerable Knee Walkers

Parts and Accessories to Fit Most Steerable Knee Walkers

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Parts and Accessories for Specific Knee-Walker Models

Parts and Accessories for Specific Knee-Walker Models

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Parts/Accessories for Knee Rover All-Terrain Knee Walkers

Parts/Accessories for Knee Rover All-Terrain Knee Walkers

Sort By:
Basket - All-Terrain Knee Walker Scooters (SKU: WKW-B1)Basket - All-Terrain Knee Walker Scooters (SKU: WKW-B1)
Basket - KneeRover Brand Knee Walkers (SKU: WKW-B2)Basket - KneeRover Brand Knee Walkers (SKU: WKW-B2)
Brake Cable for Knee Walkers (SKU: WKW-BCU-KR)Brake Cable for Knee Walkers (SKU: WKW-BCU-KR)
Brake Handle - Jr. AT KneeRover & Jr. Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-BH2)Brake Handle - Jr. AT KneeRover & Jr. Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-BH2)
Brake Handle - KneeRover Knee Walker-Scooters (SKU: WKW-BH1)Brake Handle - KneeRover Knee Walker-Scooters (SKU: WKW-BH1)
Cell Phone Holder by KneeRover (SKU: WKW-PH)Cell Phone Holder by KneeRover (SKU: WKW-PH)
Compression Lock, Universal Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-RL1)Compression Lock, Universal Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-RL1)
Cup Holder - Universal for Walkers (SKU: WKW-CUPHOLDER)Cup Holder - Universal for Walkers (SKU: WKW-CUPHOLDER)
Disc Brake Hub Assembly (SKU: WKW-DB1)Disc Brake Hub Assembly (SKU: WKW-DB1)
Gel Padded Seat (SKU: WKW-GS1)Gel Padded Seat (SKU: WKW-GS1)
Hands Grips - KneeRover Knee Scooters (SKU: WKW-G1)Hands Grips - KneeRover Knee Scooters (SKU: WKW-G1)
Headlight, LED Safety (SKU: WKW-DLXLED)Headlight, LED Safety (SKU: WKW-DLXLED)
Knee Pad - KneeRover Jr. All Terrain (SKU: WKW-KP2)Knee Pad - KneeRover Jr. All Terrain (SKU: WKW-KP2)
Knee Pad - KneeRover Knee Walker-Scooters (SKU: WKW-KP1)Knee Pad - KneeRover Knee Walker-Scooters (SKU: WKW-KP1)
Knee Pad Cover, Sheepette - Knee Scooter (SKU: WKW-SHEPPETTE)Knee Pad Cover, Sheepette - Knee Scooter (SKU: WKW-SHEPPETTE)
Knee-Pad Cover - Memory Foam (SKU: WKW-MEMORYPAD)Knee-Pad Cover - Memory Foam (SKU: WKW-MEMORYPAD)
Rear Brake Replacement  - All-Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-BA1)Rear Brake Replacement - All-Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-BA1)
Tie Rod Replacement - Knee Scooter-Walker (SKU: WKW-TR2)Tie Rod Replacement - Knee Scooter-Walker (SKU: WKW-TR2)
Tire-Tube for 12 Inch Wheel - All Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-TUBE12)Tire-Tube for 12 Inch Wheel - All Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-TUBE12)
Wheel  6 Inch - Knee Walker Jr. (SKU: WKW-W6-1)Wheel 6 Inch - Knee Walker Jr. (SKU: WKW-W6-1)
Wheel - All Terrain Knee Walker Jr. (SKU: WKW-W10-1)Wheel - All Terrain Knee Walker Jr. (SKU: WKW-W10-1)
Wheel 12 Inch - All Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-W12-1)Wheel 12 Inch - All Terrain Knee Walker (SKU: WKW-W12-1)
Wheel, Stabilizer - KneeRover (SKU: WKW-STABILIZER -KR)Wheel, Stabilizer - KneeRover (SKU: WKW-STABILIZER -KR)
For short-duration Lower-Limb Injuries, Renting a Knee Walker may be more economical.

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The Benefits of Steerable Knee Walkers:

The Benefits of Steerable Knee Walkers:

When you have had surgery or an injury to your foot, ankle or lower leg, Steerable Knee Walkers are a good alternative to crutches and enable greater mobility. 

A knee walker is a wheeled scooter fitted with a height- adjustable pad on which the knee of the injured leg rests. Mobility comes by pushing the knee walker forward (or backward) using the uninjured (good) leg. Most knee walkers are steerable and equipped with brakes for safety and stability. This makes it an ideal mobility aid for people who have had unforeseen injuries to a lower limb.

Why Not Crutches?
Steerable Knee Walkers are usually a better mobility choice for  lower leg injuries than crutches. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Better Promotes Healing:  When using crutches, the user tends to set the injured leg/foot down from time to time. This can lead to putting too much weight on the injured leg and possible damage or re-injury. With a knee walker scooter, the inadvertent putting excess weight on the injured leg is less likely, thus healing can progress normally or sometimes even faster.

2. Less Exertion: Crutches require a significant amount of upper body and arm strength. Often the patient becomes tired when moving more than a few dozen yards. When using a knee walker scooter the patient moves about with ease reducing the chances of physical (and even mental) exhaustion that might impede the healing process. 

3. Greater Stability and Safety: Crutches are often unstable. Good balance as well as strength is required. And even those traits might not be adequate on gravel or wet slippery surfaces.  And knee walkers have brakes that can be easily applied and even locked.

4. Versatility: Consider this – You want to perform a two-handed task at a counter where you would normally stand (such as preparing food in your kitchen, waiting on customers, etc.). For these type tasks one needs to be a) balanced, b) erect and c) have both hands free. So, crutches are not the answer; however, a steerable knee walker with the brakes engaged and locked is a near perfect solution.

5. Convenience: Try to carry a briefcase, purse or package while using crutches. Good luck! A steerable knee walker with a basket in the front allows the patient to carry packages while being mobile

6. Cleanliness: Constant use of crutches leaves your hands filthy. Regardless of how clean you keep your hands, they get dirty from constant contact with the handgrips. Crutch users hands sweat due to the exertion required, and the sweat attracts all kinds of dirt and dust to the handgrips.

So for all these reasons -- Better Healing, Ease of Use, Stability, Safety, Cleanliness and Versatility we recommend that those who have lower limb injuries should seriously consider these Steerable Knee Walkers for sale as the answer to their mobility needs.

After a lower-leg injury, Steerable Knee Walker is a much easier and safer way to get around than with crutches; however, there are some practices that, when  followed, will help make your knee scooter more functional and safer.

Before Deciding on any Steerable Knee Walker for sale:
Consult your physician or physical therapist to see if a knee walker will fit your condition.
Determine that your uninjured leg has strength to propel the scooter with your full weight on it.

Prior to Using the Steerable Knee Walker:
Check to see that the steering column is securely fastened and oriented square with the front axle.
Test the brakes. Adjust if needed.
Check the Knee Pad to see that it is secure and positioned at a comfortable height.
For All-Terrain Knee Walkers – Check tire inflation

When Using the Knee Walker:
Safety first:
Before getting on the Knee Walker, engage and lock the brakes. Do this every time that you mount or dismount the walker. This helps stabilize the knee scooter so that you can get on more easily and safely.  

Riding over high floor thresholds and similar “bumps” can be a challenge. Going too quickly can tip the walker forward. For higher “bumps”, come to a complete stop, then lift one wheel maneuver it over the bump. Repeat the process for the other wheel. Once the front wheels are over, you are “good to go”

Avoid going around a corner too fast. If you pick up speed as you round the corner, the walker can tip over.  

Sitting Down:
To sit down (e.g. on chair, toilet, couch, etc.), it’s easier and safer if you back into the seat and lock the brakes. You can then easily and safely dismount and sit down. Then the walker is ready to be used as an elevated “foot rest” to protect the injured leg and minimize swelling. It’s also positioned to easily and safely re-mount. 

Stationary Work: 
When doing “stationary work” such as preparing food at a counter, put the walker in the most comfortable position and lock the brakes.

Outside the home: 
When you need to leave home with your knee walker, start with small trips. Your uninjured may not yet be used to longer distances and you don’t want to be further away from “home base” than you can manage. We also carry knee walker parts that can make your journey easier.

Unpaved Surfaces:
If you need to operate on grass, gravel or other unpaved surfaces, use a knee walker designed for that purpose, such as the All-Terrain Knee Rover. Walkers with hard tires should not be used on unpaved surfaces. 

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