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Rental Knee Walkers and Seated Scooters

Say NO to CLUMSY CRUTCHES!  Steerable Knee Scooters and Walkers for rent from EZ Walker Rentals are a Comfortable Crutch-Alternative for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to their ankle, leg or hip. Choose from Standard, Hybrid or All Terrain, from Junior to Heavy-Duty Bariatric, Steerable Knee Walkers for indoor or outdoor use.

Rent a Knee Walker for as low as $19.95 per Week!

•  Knee Scooters are in Like-New Condition
•  Knee Scooters and Walkers for Rent Ship Same/Next Day
•  Security Deposit - Reimbursed on Return

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This page is for knee walker rentals. We also have steerable knee walkers for sale.

Answers to Questions About the Knee Walker Rental Program

Answers to Questions About the Knee Walker Rental Program

1. Does my Knee Scooter rental period include shipping time?
No, the rental period starts the day after your Knee Walker is received and ends one business day prior to being shipped back.

2. Do I pay for shipping my rental knee scooter or walker?
No and Yes. Shipping to you is Free. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

3. Can I extend my rental period?
Yes, arrangements can be made to change the rental period by calling us (931-241-6262) one week prior to rental period end date. The extended period’s weekly rental rate is the same as the “1st four weeks” weekly rate. If you keep the walker past the rental end date without notice, a rate of $5/day will be assessed.

4. Can I purchase a steerable knee walker that I initially intended to rent? 
Yes, rent paid may be applied towards the purchase of the knee walker. Those received as “new” may be purchased for the advertised price plus a $25 processing fee (discounts cannot be applied). Used walker purchase prices are negotiable. To purchase, please contact us.  

5. What if I want to cancel or return my rental or purchase?
You may cancel within the first 3 days only by calling us (931-241-6262 during normal business hours). You are responsible to properly pack and ship the walker. After the walker is received in good condition, we will issue a refund less a $75 re­stock fee.
6. What if I do not accept delivery?
Shipping costs (both ways) plus a $15 process fee will be assessed (estimated total = ~$75).

7. What if the knee walker is damaged during rental?
If the knee walker scooter is lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear during rental period, you are responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement, not to exceed the retail cost of the product.

8. How do I return the knee walker once my rental period is up?
Repackage the knee walker in its original box with all accessories and return ship via a traceable method. We recommend that it be insured, since you are liable for damage during shipment. Notify us at ( of the shipment and its tracking number. Ship-To Address:
EZ Walker Rollators
136 Danford Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043
Telephone 931-241-6262

9. What if I throw away or lose the original packaging for my knee walker rental?
You are responsible for returning the knee walker in a manner that ensures the product is not damaged during shipping.

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