PARTS - Foot Plates - for Nova Wheelchairs

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Foot-Plates for Nova Wheelchairs

Foot-Plates for Nova Wheelchair Model Foot-Rests can be found here.

1. Verify Model Number on your Wheelchair.

2. Scroll Down to Model/Foot-Plate Cross-Reference List (below Add-to-Cart Box).

3. Identify the Foot Plate for your Wheelchair

4. Move up to Add-to-Cart Box.

5. Select Your Foot-Plate from Parts Menu, then Click Add-to-Cart.

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Wheelchair Model Number Foot Plate Part Number
5060H, 5060S, 5080H, 5090H, 5160S, 5161S, 5165S, 5166S YU-506035
5080S, 5180S, 5185S, 5200S, 5201S YU-506003
5220S, 5221S, 5240S, 5241S YU-522006
6200S, 6160S CK-610006
7160L, 7161L, 7180L, 7081L, 7200L, 7201L YU-710007 (Foot Plate with Heel Loop)
327 Lightweight Transport Chair (Blue) [Serial #KS... - Discontinued Model] CK-FR105B (Blue)
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