Wheelchair - ProBasics K4 (WC4) - LIGHT WEIGHT WHEELCHAIR

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Probasics K4 Lightweight Wheelchair

The ProBasics K4 Wheelchair is a high-strength lightweight wheelchair that is extremely versatile. Its built-in seat and upholstery extension combined with all of its other unique features that come standard, the ProBasics K4 easily adapts to any patient's individual needs. It offers superior value and functionality for those looking for a high-performance wheelchair a moderate price.


  • Quick-release Axles – Allows quick removal of rear wheels for fast adjustment
  • Built-in seat sail and upholstery extension - Easily adjusts seat depth from 16" to 18"
  • Height-Adjustable Flip-back Padded Arm Rests - Accommodate a seat cushion
  • Adjustable height back and adjustable angle back from 5 - 20 degrees
  • Comfortable nylon upholstery resists mildew and bacteria
  • Chart pocket on backrest for additional convenience
  • Adjustable front riggings with composite angle adjustable footplates for more relaxed foot positioning
  • Adjustable anti-tippers with push-pin flip-up wheels
  • Easy push-to-lock wheel locks

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