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UpWalker - Better-Posture Rolling Walker
UpWalker - Better-Posture Rolling Walker
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UPWalker - Better-Upright-Posture Rolling Walker

No more hunching over putting painful pressure on your wrists and back! The UPWalker by LifeWalker Mobility Products supports you in a secure upright position, giving you better posture, more confidence and less pain.

The UPWalker helps you to avoid deficiencies in conventional walkers, including slouching, excessive hand, wrist and back pressure and lack of comfort.

  • Enables User to stand Fully Upright
  • Adjustable-Height Handles and Armrests
  • Sit-To-Stand Handles makes Getting Up Easier
  • Comfortable Fabric Seat
  • Lockable Brakes for Stopping and Parking
  • Sturdy Frame with Large (8 in.) Wheels
  • Easily Foldable Frame
  • Included Accessories: Backrest, Personal Bag, Beverage Holder.
  • Recommended for Users up to 5' 10"
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Recommended User Height: | 4' 6" to 5'10"
Armrests: Height: | Width: 18 in. | Height: Adjusts 33 to 45 in.
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height: | 30 in.
Backrest Support: | Flexible | Detachable
Wheels: | 8-in. (Front and Rear) | Rubber
Brakes: | Loop Brakes | Lockable
Unit Dimensions Unfolded: | 34 x 23½ in. (L x W)
Unit Dimensions Folded: | 37¾ x 34 x 8½ in.
Seat: | Fabric | 18 x 11 in. (W x D) | Height: 20 in.
Weight-Bearing Capacity: | 300 lb.
Weight: | 23 lb.
Features (Under Construction) Benefits
Padded Height-Adjustable Armrests: | Enables Upright Posture | Comfort, Stability, Control
Adapts to 4' 6' to 5' 10" Tall Users: Flexibility - Accomodates Most Users
Padded Sit-to-Stand Handles: | Makes Standing up Easier and Safer
Large Rubber Wheels: | Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use
Ergonomic Locking Brakes: | Better Control | Safer Stopping | Secure Parking
Fabric Backrest - Easily Detached: | Flexibility, Comfort and Convenience
Comfortable Fabric Seat: | Comfort - Durability - Convenience
Foldable Frame: | Convenient Transport and Storage
Strong Durable Materials: | 300 lb. Weight-Bearing Capacity
Included Accessories: | Beverage Holder, Personal-Item Bag
OPTIONAL Accessories: | Cane/Umbrella Hldr. SmartPhone Hldr, Flashlight
MORE OPTIONAL Accessories: | Shopping Bag, Luxury Item Bag
Limited Life-Time Warranty (Frame): | Peace Of Mind
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