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Transport Chairs are designed to provide flexibility when dealing with patients who can walk but tire easily. They are best used for short-term transport situations where the care giver provides the motion. Typical uses are short trips, doctor appointments, etc.

Rollator Transport Chairs combine the functions of Rollators and Transport Chairs. These products readily convert from a Rollator to a Transport Wheelchair so that patients can Walk, Ride, or Rest. 
Transport Chairs For Patients Who Can Walk, But Tire Easily

Transport Chairs For Patients Who Can Walk, But Tire Easily

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Transport Chair - ProBasics (SKU: PB-RLAT)Transport Chair - ProBasics (SKU: PB-RLAT)
Transport Chair - Drive TravelLite (SKU: DR-TC005GY)Transport Chair - Drive TravelLite (SKU: DR-TC005GY)
Transport Chair - Drive Fly-Lite (SKU: DR-DFL19)Transport Chair - Drive Fly-Lite (SKU: DR-DFL19)
Transport Chair - Drive Duet (SKU: DR-795)Transport Chair - Drive Duet (SKU: DR-795)
Transport Chair - Nova Ultra-Light (SKU: NV-379)Transport Chair - Nova Ultra-Light (SKU: NV-379)
Transport Chair - Nova Lightweight 330 (SKU: NV-330)Transport Chair - Nova Lightweight 330 (SKU: NV-330)
Transport Chair Rollator - ProBasics (SKU: PB-WCT41816DS)Transport Chair Rollator - ProBasics (SKU: PB-WCT41816DS)
Transport Chair - Nova Lightweight (SKU: NV-352)Transport Chair - Nova Lightweight (SKU: NV-352)
Rollator - Drive Nitro Duet RTL10266DT (SKU: DR-RTL10266DT)Rollator - Drive Nitro Duet RTL10266DT (SKU: DR-RTL10266DT)
Roller-Go Walker by ErgoActives (SKU: EGA-RGO)Roller-Go Walker by ErgoActives (SKU: EGA-RGO)

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