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Rollators, Knee Scooters, Wheelchair, Mobil and Walker Parts

Rollators, Knee Scooters, Wheelchair, Mobil and Walker Parts

FREE SHIPPING! (See details below)

FREE SHIPPING! (See details below)

EZ Walker Rollators says "THANK YOU" by offering FREE SHIPPING.  For a limited time, receive free shipping with the purchase of new NOVA & KNEEROVER mobility products including: Rolling Walkers, Knee Walkers, Transport Chairs and Wheelchairs (excluding parts and accessories).  EZWR is also pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL DRIVE MEDICAL products (including parts and accessories).

Give the gift of better mobility to yourself or a loved one!  Replace that old, worn out equipment with a new high-quality product that is sure to please.  Buy an additional lighter weight, compact model to keep in your vehicle for appointments and shopping. 

Need help choosing the right model?  Email us at or give our friendly customer service a call and talk to a real person at 877-342-1470.

EZ Walker Rollators - Rolling Walkers, Steerable Knee Walkers, Rental Knee Scooters, Bariatric Walkers, Medical Walker Parts, Wheelchair Parts, and Mobility Scooter Parts

      RTL10266 Nitro               roscoe steerable knee walkers                                  

 Rolling Walker- Rollators         Steerable Knee Walkers            RENTAL Knee Scooters 

We offer a complete array of mobility aid products with famous brands like Drive, Nova, Guardian, Medline, KneeRover, ProBasics, Roscoe and Stander. Select the mobility aid that you need today.

Click to Select From These Quality Brand Names

Click to Select From These Quality Brand Names


For Upright Posture - Confidence - Comfort - Stability...
Select the UpWalker  or Roller-Go Stand-up Walker.  Put an end to hunching over a regular walker putting strain on your hands, wrists and back!  Stand-up or upright walkers provide ergonomic hand and forearm support for better comfort, balance and control. 

   UPWalker           Roller-Go Walker