Pillow, Leg Elevation - Vive Health CSH1050WHT - KNEE CUSHION

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Knee & Leg Elevation Pillow

The single leg elevation contoured channel pillow is ideal for comfortably elevating either leg following knee, hip, or ankle surgery. The Xtra-Comfort single leg pillow is 13” by 32” and 9.5” in height. The leg channel measures 7” wide and 3” deep.

  • Comfortably Rest And Elevate: Ideal for surgery and injury recovery, the single leg elevation pillow elevates, immobilizes and supports the knee, calf and ankle
  • Relieves Swelling And Fatigue: Promoting healing, the knee support wedge relieves swelling, discomfort and fatigue in the knee, leg and foot
  • Wide Leg Channel: Designed to accommodate bandages and casts, a wide, contoured channel immobilizes the leg to promote healing
  • Resilient Foam Cushioning: Constructed with a latex-free, high-density foam is resilient, holding its shape for long-term use
  • 35 Degrees Of Incline: Supports proper positioning of the knee, calf and ankle with 35 degrees of incline and 6.5” of elevation
  • Removable Knit Cover: Made with a soft, breathable blend, the polyester knit cover is machine washable and features a textured nonslip base for added stability
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