Wheelchair Ramp, Portable - Drive STDS1093,94,95,96,97 - HEAVY DUTY

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Portable Wheelchair Ramp

These ramps are designed to transition wheelchairs or scooters from one surface to another. With 600 lb. capacity, they are very durable and made with perforated slots to keep water from collecting.

They are available in lengths from 2-feet to 6-feet. Their foldability, light-weight and included carry bag makes them convenient to transport or store.


  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Foldable for portability
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Perforated slots keep water from collecting
  • Variety of lengths for differing elevation changes
  • Weight capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Weight: ~6 lbs. per ft.

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Inside Width 26.5 inches
Overall Width 28.5 inches
Weight-Bearing Capacity 600 lbs.
Optiona Lengths From 2 ft. to 6 ft.
Weight 2'=12#; 3'=18#; 4'=24#; 5'=30#; 6'=36#
Carry Bag Included
Warranty Limited Lifetime
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