Pillow, Leg Elevation - Vive Health CSH1027 - FEET & LEG CUSION

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Leg Rest Elevation Pillow by Vive Health

Comfortably elevate legs, knees and feet, providing 45 degrees of inclination, dual gel-infused memory foam core cushion with removeable cover. Perfect for resting sore knees or swollen, aching feet.

  • Comfortable Leg Support: Elevate the feet, knees and legs to relieve discomfort and pressure
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Dual foam core is comprised of a high-density interior base with a gel-infused memory foam layer for comfortable
  • Generously Wide: Comfortably wide wedge to support both legs
  • Removeable Knit Cover: Made with a soft, breathable blend, the knit cover is machine washable and features a textured non-slip base for added stability
  • Dimensions: Width 16.5", Depth 23.25", Height 8.25", Incline Slope 12"; 45 degrees
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