Folding Latch Lock- Nova H-1002 for Select Nova Rolling Walkers

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Lock 'n Load Folding Latch Lock by NOVA

The Lock 'n Load fold locking latch safely keeps your NOVA rolling walker* in the folded position for easy transportation and storage. 

The Lock 'n Load makes loading and unloading a breeze! The Nova Lock 'n Load clip fits, and comes standard on new purchases of, Zoom, GetGo, GetGoPetite, Cruiser Deluxe, Cruiser Deluxe Jr., Mini Mack and Mack model rolling walkers.

Watch Video for simple-to-use instructions.

Click here for H-1000 old style Lock 'n Load for Vibe Rollators.

* The Lock 'n Load H-1002 DOES NOT fit Vibe, Traveler, Journey, Groove, Forte, Star or Hero Nova models.


CA-P65 Warning Label

Lock 'n Load Works with Nova Rolling Walker Models... Lock 'n Load NOT APPLICABLE on Nova Models...
FITS: Zoom, GetGo, GetGo Petite, Cruiser Deluxe, Cruiser Deluxe Jr, Mini Mack and Mack Models DOES NOT FIT: Grouve, Journey, Vibe, Traveler, Forte, Star or Hero Models
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