Grips, Hand [PAIR] - Nova NV-YU-506039 for Most Nova Wheelchairs

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Hand Grips for Nova Wheelchairs - Pair

These wheelchair handle grips fit all Nova wheelchairs -- except reclining wheelchair models.

Key Wheelchair Part Features:

  • Fits all Nova Wheelchairs shown below
  • ALL Wheelchairs except 6160, 6180, 6200
  • Model Serial # must start with "YU" or "J"
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Order TWO PAIR and Save

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CA-P65 Warning Label


CA-P65 Warning Label

Serial #'s Must Start with YU,Y,J, or H
5060 H/HE, 5080 H/HE
5060 S/SE, 5080 S/SE
5160S/SE, 5161S/SE, 5165S/SE, 5166S/SE
5180S/SE, 5181S/SE, 5185S/SE, 5186S/SE
5200 S/SE, 5201 S/SE, 5220S/SE, 5221 S/SE
7160 L/LE, 7161 L/LE, 7180 L/LE, 7181 L/LE
7200 L/LE, 7201 L/LE
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