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  1. What is An Upright Walker?
    The introduction of the upright walker is a revolutionary breakthrough to the world of mobility aids.  An upright walker is a 4-wheeled rolling walker with forearm supports and grips that allows users to walk in a proper, upright posture with better balance verses  the hunched posture that occurs from using a standard Rolling Walker [Rollator].  Upright walkers are lightweight and fold easily for transporting or storage.
  2. Popularly known as “Knee Scooters”, steerable knee walkers are among the most preferred mobility equipment in today’s market. People nationwide purchase or rent thousands of knee scooters on a daily basis, because they are effective and convenient for people suffering from mobility impairment. Given the plethora of steerable knee scooters for sale that are available on the market, it is only natural to feel inundated in the pursuit of choosing the most suitable knee walker.
  3. Are you recovering from an injury or surgery to the foot, knee, leg or hip? No matter the reason behind your pain and struggle, buy one of the best medical knee walker scooters or seated scooters today! Not ready to buy a new one? Rental scooters are also available!

    Steerable knee walkers are easy to maneuver and will enhance your mobility and stability, allowing for a pain-free, comfortable experience.
  4. Recovering from an injury or surgery to the foot, ankle, knee, leg or hip could take some time. What are you going to do until then? Well, you have two options to help you regain your mobility – crutches or a scooter. Which of these is better?

    Crutches are awkward and difficult to maneuver and take a lot of extra effort, which can put your lower back, shoulders and wrists at risk.
  5. The increasing obesity rates have created a greater need for medical mobility aids. The real problem begins when joint pain becomes debilitating, breathing labored or muscles stop working well in coordination with the body. Heavy duty bariatric rollator walkers come in handy in such situations.

    If you or any of your friends or relatives is suffering from medical problems, get the help needed with supportive medical walking aids from EZ Walker Rollators.
  6. What do you know about knee scooters? Are you wondering if a knee scooter could be a good fit for you? Knee scooters are a comfortable crutch alternative for those with injury to the foot or ankle. They are three or four-wheeled scooters with a comfortable pad to rest your knee on, a steerable handle for easy maneuvering and a hand brake for control. Knee walkers are available for smooth to rough surfaces, in junior/petite to bariatric.

  7. Do you or someone you know struggle with freedom of mobility due to a physical or medical ailment? If that’s the case, choose a bariatric heavy duty rollator walker to get around easily and celebrate independence. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, bariatric rollators feature adjustable height handlebars and a built-in seat, constructed specifically to safely accommodate larger patients for their mobility requirements. Easy to use, bariatric rollator walkers prove to be the ideal medical walking assistance aid.
  8. Merely purchasing a viable rollator/walker for your medical condition isn’t enough. To help individuals be more comfortable with their mobility, medical walker accessories for seniors can be very helpful. Walker/Rollator accessories are designed to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for individuals, rather than making them feel burdened with the constant presence of the equipment.

  9. A walker-rollator is not a new concept from any stretch of the imagination. It has been around for a while and is the best solution for people who need support in getting around. For this reason, walker/rollators have become a very intrinsic part of the medical mobility equipment industry in the US and abroad. They feature easy to use components and have a functional design. Having said that, you still need to choose a model that comes with all the features that specifically provide a solution for your unique situation.
  10. Did you recently injure your knee while playing football with your kids? The doctor must have advised you a few days rest and then flexing your knee muscles slowly and steadily so that you can get back to usual routine sooner than later. While the part where you need to rest is pretty straightforward, but trying to walk not using your knee excessively can become a hard task. And if you use too much force, you are going to have to endure a lot of pain and a few more days of rest. 

  11. Mishaps happen and people are left immobile for months on end. Steerable Knee Walkers are a safe and comfortable crutch alternative. EZ Walker Rollators provides a wide selection of knee walkers to help you regain your mobilty and remain active.

    Most models feature a removable basket, rear disc brakes and are foldable too.  The Hybrid and All Terrain knee walkers feature air-filled wheels, allows you to navigate bumps or rough surfaces with ease.
  12. Don’t let a foot, ankle, leg or hip injury slow you down! Make things easier on yourself. Get a steerable knee walker or seated scooter, a safe and comfortable crutch alternative, from EZ Walker Rollators and stop struggling with clumsy crutches.

    EZ Walker Rollators feature medical knee walkers and scooters that will more than surpass the imagination of patients. They feature durable products at competitive prices to help patients of all types and sizes, from junior, petite and tall to heavy-duty bariatric.
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