3 Must-Have Aids After Knee Surgery | EZ Walker Rollators

3 Must-Have Aids After Knee Surgery | EZ Walker Rollators

Knee surgery is something many people go through to repair a torn ACL, MCL or a total replacement. While knee problems can happen at any age, they’re far more common in the senior community. After the surgery, getting back on your feet and feeling your best can take some time. However, there are some products that can provide pain relief and speed up the recovery process.

Keep reading to learn three must-have aids after knee surgery:

1. Knee Pillow

Staying comfortable and pain-free is essential after knee surgery. While you will experience discomfort at times, it’s best to limit the pain as much as possible. Instead of using prescription meds for pain, a knee pillow can offer long-lasting relief.

The main purpose of a knee pillow is to provide pain relief for side sleepers. Without one of these pillows, sleeping on your side can cause your knees to hit against each other, leading to pain and sleeping issues. Additionally, side sleepers can also have hip problems since their hips aren’t aligned in the proper position.

If you’re looking for a high-quality knee pillow, turn to the experts at EZ Walker Rollators. We carry the Vive Health Knee Pillow, which is ideal for back, hip, and knee pain. As you’re recovering from knee surgery, this pillow can help you feel better in no time! In fact, you may notice less pain and discomfort after just one night of using this product.

2. Leg Elevation Pillow

Do you prefer sleeping on your back instead of your side? While a knee pillow is excellent for those side sleepers, there’s also a great product for those back sleepers—a leg elevation pillow. As you probably know, elevating your leg after an injury or surgery is always encouraged. It helps with pain relief, inflammation, and swelling. However, keeping your leg upright can be a challenge while sleeping.

By using a leg elevation pillow, you’ll be able to keep your leg elevated while staying comfortable. If you’re looking for one of the best pillows out there, check out the Vive Health Leg Elevation Pillow. This incredible product extends up and down your entire leg, and it’s also at a 35-degree angle to promote healing. Additionally, the pillow is elevated 6.5 inches and comes with comfortable foam padding. There’s also a wide leg channel, which is ideal for casts or large bandages.

3. Knee Brace

Today, several different braces have been developed that help with knee issues. This includes recovery after knee surgery. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality product, consider the Vive Health Knee Brace. It’s adjustable, reversible, and provides tons of support for your recovering knee.

Speed Up Recovery with EZ Walker Rollators

While we specialize in rollator walkers for seniors, home care bed products, knee scooters, and rollator walker parts, we also carry several different products to help with recovery after knee surgery. From knee pillows to braces, we can limit the pain and get you back to feeling your best!

For over a decade, EZ Walker Rollators has been a leading source for mobility aids online. Whether you need replacement wheels for walkers, leg elevation pillows, or even knee scooter rentals, check out our product selection today.