4 Simple Wheelchair Exercises - EZ Walker Rollators

4 Simple Wheelchair Exercises - EZ Walker Rollators

If you use a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean exercising is totally out of the question. In fact, there are several different exercises and tips to help maintain muscle strength. In addition, these workouts can also help you stay active while improving mobility.

In this post, we’ll discuss several simple exercises that can be very beneficial for wheelchair users. We’ll also explain where you can find some of the best mobility aids online! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Knee Lifts

As you’re always in a seated position, engaging your knees is very important. To keep them strong, try some knee lifting exercises. To get started, sit up straight in your wheelchair, and engage your abs. With your feet flat on the floor, slowly lift one leg. Try to lift your leg as far up as you can. If you feel pain or too much discomfort, don’t lift your leg as high. After slowly lowering your leg to the floor, proceed the exercise with your other leg. Try this workout a few times while alternating legs. If you’re looking to increase the intensity, try holding your leg up for a few seconds before bringing it back down.

2. Stomach Twists

If you use a knee scooter, wheelchair, or rollator walker, then you can also try strengthening exercises for your stomach! One great workout is called tummy twists. To start this exercise, sit up straight while engaging your abs, then hold your arms up at a 90-degree angle. As your feet are flat on the ground, bend your elbows so your forearms face downward. While keeping your back straight, twist your upper body to the right as far as you can. After moving back to the center position, twist in the other direction. Repeat this exercise if it feels comfortable and remember that your lower body should remain still.

3. Toe Taps

Working out your calf muscles is another great way to maintain leg strength while in a wheelchair. This exercise begins with keeping your back straight while engaging your abs. With feet flat on the floor, try to point your toes to the ceiling, then back down. Repeat this motion while alternating feet. If you want a more challenging workout, you can raise one leg while the other foot stays on the ground. Complete the toe taps while the other leg remains in the air.

4. Chest Squeeze

Want to maintain strength in your chest? If so, there are a few chest exercises you can try. One of which is the chest squeeze. To start this workout, sit up straight with your abs engaged. Then, grab a medicine ball, hold it at the chest level, then squeeze the ball with both hands. You should feel your chest muscles working. As you continue squeezing, slowly extend the ball out until your arms are almost completely straight. Then, slowly move the ball back to the starting position. If you’re new to this exercise or haven’t built up enough strength, you can try the workout without a medicine ball.

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