How to Choose Between an All-Terrain vs. Indoor Knee Scooter

How to Choose Between an All-Terrain vs. Indoor Knee Scooter

When suffering from a leg injury or surgery, it may be difficult to decide if a walker, wheelchair, knee scooter, or rollator is the best device to use. Knee scooters are often the ideal choice when it comes to a broken foot or broken ankle because these devices allow for the foot to stay elevated, which makes these scooters an excellent alternative to crutches. Knee walkers contain an adjustable knee platform (often with adjustable handlebars too) that essentially serve as a cushion or knee pad to ensure comfort. Knee scooters are typically very easy to use -- even children can quickly learn how to use a knee scooter.

When purchasing a knee scooter, it is essential to select one that matches your needs and personal preferences. For starters, there are all-terrain knee scooters and indoor knee scooters.

All Terrain Scooters

After surgery, many people choose to stay active to speed up their recovery and maintain muscle mass. If this sounds like you, an all-terrain scooter is your best bet. The key feature of this type of scooter is outdoor use. All-terrain knee walkers can be used on a variety of different surfaces. The all-terrain knee scooter features often include pneumatic tires, which are durable tires designed for rough, uneven surfaces. If you plan on going for a daily stroll in areas that may cause damage to a tire, the pneumatic tires are highly recommended.

Another benefit of these scooters is their higher weight capacity than the indoor scooters, so this is a great option for people who are on the heavier side. These scooters vary a lot based on which one you purchase, but overall the steering is excellent since the scooters are meant to support those who may encounter rough surfaces outdoors.

Indoor Knee Scooters

If you plan on staying inside for most of your recovery period, indoor scooters may be a better choice for you. These knee scooters are known for precise steering that can help navigate through household furniture, tight spaces, and various daily objects a person may encounter during their recovery. Indoor scooters provide a smoother ride when operating them because a different wheel is used.

Outside of the comfort benefits, one of the most beneficial aspects of using an indoor scooter is how lightweight it is. These scooters are meant to be easy to store and easy to transport between places. Finally, if the all-terrain scooters fall outside of your budget, indoor scooters will be a better choice for you. While prices vary based on features of the scooter, indoor knee scooters tend to be less expensive overall. It is important to remember that choices come down to personal preference, therefore neither type of scooter is considered superior to the other.

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