How To Fit A Cane For Walking

How To Fit A Cane For Walking

A cane is a very important mobility aid. Whether it's canes after surgery or canes for seniors, these devices help people live more fulfilling lives. When using a cane, making sure it’s the right size is essential. Furthermore, you’ll want to learn how to use it properly.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to fit a cane for walking. We’ll also talk about what posture to use, including a few other tips to consider.

Walking with a Cane

If you have trouble moving around, a cane can be your best friend. Some people say a cane is like having another leg. While there are a few different styles out there, a straight cane is the most popular option. These devices help to improve the mobility of someone with an injury or illness. They’re also frequently used by the elderly community. Whatever the case may be, a properly sized cane is vital.

Choosing Your Cane

Most canes are usually made of metal or wood. While metal canes are adjustable, wood models come in only one size. Adjusting a metal cane is typically simple; all you must do is loosen the tension screw, make the adjustment, then tighten the screw back up. For wood canes, they only come in one size. However, you can cut the wood cane to make it shorter.

Finding the Right Height

After choosing a metal or wood cane, you need to make sure it’s at the proper height. As always, consult with your doctor or physical therapist to choose the right cane for your needs. To find the right size, follow these steps:

1. For starters, use your cane on the side of your body opposite of your injury. If you have an injured or sore right leg, use the cane on your left side. 2. Stand straight and hold the cane in one hand while it rests gently on the floor. 3. After grabbing the handle, make sure the top of the cane is aligned with your hip bone on the side of your body. 4. As you’re holding the handle, your elbow should only be bent 20 degrees. Speak with your doctor if you need help making this measurement.

Another way to find the proper cane height is to stand up straight while hanging your arms at your side. Then, place the cane next to you and check where the top of the cane is located. If the top of the cane is aligned with your wrist, it's the right size! If you take this approach, make sure you have a friend or loved one help.

How to Avoid Problems

No matter what cane you choose, it’s important to always use proper posture. However, choosing the wrong cane can cause posture issues, so that’s why proper sizing is essential. When walking, always try to keep your back as straight as possible. Also, make sure to walk at your pace. Going too fast could cause an injury.

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