How to Properly Use Canes & Walkers After Hip Surgery

How to Properly Use Canes & Walkers After Hip Surgery

If you recently had hip surgery, getting back on your feet can take some time. However, with the help of canes and walkers, restoring your mobility may be a little easier. As a rolling walker can be your best friend after hip surgery, it’s important to understand how to use them correctly. If you fail to do so, this could result in an injury or another serious health complication.

Keep reading to learn how to properly use canes and walkers after hip surgery, including where you can find some of the best mobility aids for seniors.

Using a Cane

Canes for seniors can be extremely beneficial, especially after a hip surgery. As the recovery process can be long and stressful, a cane helps you get through everyday life. While crutches are a solid alternative, most doctors will recommend the use of a cane after surgery.

Here are some reasons why using a cane is the preferred method:

  • Typically, the safer option
  • Easier to get used to
  • Offers great balance
  • Superior stability

Given these advantages, using a cane after hip surgery is the right choice. However, using these correctly means everything.

Using a cane properly

Before starting the rehabilitation process with a cane, it’s important to understand how to use these devices the right way.

Here are some key tips for you to follow:

Find your ideal cane

Canes for seniors aren’t all created equal. With so many sizes and styles to consider, taking the time to consider your specific needs is essential. As you’re shopping around, look for models that are the perfect height. Also, as you may be putting your full weight on the cane, choose a solid option instead of a collapsible model. It’s also important to find a cane with a high-quality grip.

Avoid placing weight on affected leg

First and foremost, start slow when walking after surgery and never overdo it. When walking, always avoid placing weight on the affected leg. Before taking a step, the end of the cane should always go right next to your strong leg. After stepping forward with your healthy leg, keep your weight on the cane and your strong leg. Then, carefully move your recovering leg forward. While this may feel awkward at first, consistently doing this motion should make the process much easier over time.

Using a rollator walker

A rollator walker is another effective device when recovering from hip surgery. Like using a cane, using a walker properly is also crucial.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Stepping properly

After getting the hang of medical walkers, you’ll notice how easy they are to maneuver. Before you start walking, the rolling walker should extend a few inches beyond your toes. After grabbing the bars and putting your weight on the walker, step into the center of the device with your recovering leg. Then, take a step forward with your healthy leg. As you repeat these steps, the process will become much more manageable.

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