Safety Tips for Using Walkers - Shop Rollator Walkers

Safety Tips for Using Walkers - Shop Rollator Walkers

A rollator walker is a very beneficial mobility device. From elderly care to injury recovery, these products can be extremely useful. However, given how these walkers are used for balance and mobility, slipping and falling can happen. That said, it’s best to take caution when using medical walkers to ensure you and the people around you stay safe.

1. Stand up properly with your walker

Standing up correctly with your walker is vital for your safety. However, doing this step the wrong way could result in a terrible fall. Here’s what you need to remember when trying to stand up from a seated position:

  • Ensure the brakes are engaged
  • Sit on the end of the seat
  • Keep your feet aligned with the edge of the chair
  • Put one hand on the chair and one on the walker (or both hands on the chair)
  • Note: Never put your full weight on the walker, as this can cause it to slip
  • Lean forward and push with your legs to stand
  • Push with your hands on the chair for extra assistance
  • Put your hands on your walker as you gain your balance
  • Once you’re balanced, unlock the breaks and begin walking

Throughout all of these steps, it’s important to stay comfortable. If you experience discomfort or feel off-balanced, try moving slower through each step.

2. Prepare for different terrain

When your rollator walker is in use, it’s important to understand you’ll be walking on various types of terrain. This is especially true for those who enjoy walking in parks, on trails, and in a variety of other locations. When walking in these spaces, you’ll want to prepare for the terrain While you may experience rocks, dirt, asphalt, concrete, or even sand, it’s vital to be prepared for all sorts of surfaces.

3. Go slow in new areas

Especially if you’re new to using medical walkers, dealing with certain spaces may be a challenge. However, by knowing what to expect and proceeding with caution, you can feel confident as you move through these areas.

Here are some tips for using your walker in new, unfamiliar spaces:

  • Move with caution 
  • Watch for any obstacles like children, rugs, pets, etc.
  • Look out for furniture and move it if needed
  • Look ahead of where you're walking to anticipate uneven surfaces and obstacles

4. Wear the right shoes

Another important safety tip is to wear the proper shoes. To prevent slip and fall, you’ll always want to wear non-slip sneakers. As you always want to stay balanced without slipping, having shoes with a lot of tread is highly advised.

5. Understand your limits

Whenever you use a walker, you always want to know your limits. While you may think you can take a two-mile walk around the city, maybe this isn’t advised by your doctor. Be sure to know your limits and always follow the recommendations from your healthcare provider.

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