5 Tips for Finding the Right Wheelchair

5 Tips for Finding the Right Wheelchair

Utilizing a wheelchair can change your life. However, it’s vital that you choose the right type that’s built for your specific needs. Luckily, there are many different styles and options to choose from.

Keep reading as we dive into some of the leading tips for finding the right wheelchair.

1. Consider how the wheelchair will be used

Where will you be taking this wheelchair? Will you be using it frequently throughout the day? Understanding how your wheelchair will be used is the first step you’ll want to take before choosing. While some people use their wheelchair full-time, others only utilize them in certain situations.

If you plan to use your wheelchair only part of the time, you may opt for a basic, manual option. For frequent users, you should look for a more advanced wheelchair with better support and multiple features.

2. Think about your independent needs

Before choosing a wheelchair, you also want to consider if it will be used independently or if a caregiver will be pushing you around. This decision will greatly impact which make and model is right for you.

If the wheelchair will be used independently, a manual choice may be the best option. On the other hand, if you’re unable to use the equipment manually, a power chair or scooter is a great choice.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line wheelchairs, rollators, and power scooters, turn to the experts at EZ Walker Rollators. For a lightweight, high-quality manual wheelchair, check out our Nova 7160.

3. Choose one with your desired support

Some wheelchairs have tons of support, while others are limited in this regard. Depending on your needs, choosing a wheelchair with your desired level of support is essential. If your motor skills are limited or if you have trouble supporting your upper body, then a high-back wheelchair can be a fantastic solution.

4. Pick a wheelchair based on your size

Just like when shopping for new clothes, your body size has a massive impact on the type of wheelchair that’s right for you. Before choosing a model, you’ll want to check your height, weight, and overall size. This can help you choose a wheelchair that’s built specifically for your body type.

Take our TravelLite Drive TC005GY wheelchair for example. This top-notch model is lightweight and has a back height of 17 inches. In addition, it has a weight-bearing capacity of 250 pounds. If you have a taller build or weigh more than this maximum weight requirement, this wheelchair won’t be the best option for you.

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