6 Popular Mobility Aids - EZ Walker Rollators

6 Popular Mobility Aids - EZ Walker Rollators

Whether you’re dealing with an injury or chronic condition, there are tons of mobility aids that can provide assistance. However, with so many options out there, how are you supposed to choose?

Keep reading to learn about the different types of mobility aids, including when is the right time to use them.

1. Cane

A cane is a very useful mobility aid. They’re lightweight, compact, and are a huge help when moving around. In fact, some people say using a cane is like having another leg. While all canes have the same basic principle, they come in many different styles. Some canes have large handles, while others only have a small nub. You can also find models with a flexible end, like the EZ Walker Drive HurryCane Freedom Cane. As canes have come a long way in years past, you can even find models that come with a seat! Check out our Adjustable Height Cane Seat mobility aid today!

A cane is typically used for simple tasks in everyday life. From getting out of a chair to walking around the house, a cane is a great tool. If you have a sore back, injured hip, or leg problems, a cane can be extremely useful.

2. Standard Walker

A walker is used when needing more support than a cane. These devices are helpful when the user is unable to bear their full body weight. To walk with a standard walker, the user will first lift or drag the walker forward, then take a step. Not only is a walker an effective mobility aid, but most of them are foldable, which makes for easy storage and transport.

Given how the user lifts or drags a walker, they’re typically used when traveling short distances, such as walking from one area of the home to another. However, some walkers have wheels on the front, which allows for more effortless movement. But if you’re having trouble with balance, a standard walker without wheels is probably the best option. Check out our Nova 4095 Heavy-Duty Bariatric Folding Walker today!

3. Rollator Walkers

A rollator walker is a step up from a standard walker. If you have good balance but just need a little assistance, a rollator walker can be the perfect tool. Many people who use these devices still stay active, but they just need a slight push. These are ideal for people with knee problems, hip issues, or users that just want to take the pressure off their joints.

Rollator walkers can be used throughout everyday life. From walking around the house to taking a stroll through town, these are the perfect mobility aid. Some people will even use a rollator walker on walking trails that span for miles! For some incredible products, check out the Drive 10215 - Go-Lite Heavy-Duty Bariatric Tall Rolling Walker or the Drive Nitro Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator Walker.

4. Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a device that can be used independently. These mobility aids are used when the user needs to get around on their own. 

5. Medical Transport Chair

A medical transport chair is used when the user can’t move a standard wheelchair on their own. That said, a second person is needed to use the device as intended.

6. Knee Scooter

Knee scooters are used if the user has one injured ankle, knee, or hip. The other leg pushes the device as the mobility aid rolls smoothly.

If you’re searching for outstanding mobility aids online, check out EZ Walker Rollators today for exceptional products!