How to Shower with a Cast | EZ Walker Rollators

How to Shower with a Cast | EZ Walker Rollators

Many of us are forced to wear a cast at some point in our lives. While you may think they’re super cool as a kid, wearing one can bring on a set of challenges. For one, showering and bathing can be difficult. If you get your cast wet, you might have to get a new one altogether. In addition, a wet cast could even impact the healing process of your injury.

While showering may be a serious hurdle when wearing a cast, there are some tips that can help. Keep reading to learn about the top ways to shower with a cast, including some products that can assist in the process.

What To Use

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your cast dry and free from moisture in the shower. Here are some of the products to consider:

1. Plastic Wrap

One way to keep water off your cast involves using something you probably have in your kitchen. While it may sound like a surprise, plastic wrap is something that can be very effective. However, for plastic wrap to work, it must be wrapped tightly. Also, you want to make sure there’s a strong seal at the top section of the cast; this is where water can easily seep through.

While this method can work great, there can be gaps that allow water to infiltrate your cast. However, this is a cost-effective, simple way to keep your cast dry. To decrease the chance of a leak, try using a rubber band at the very top of the cast. This can ensure a tight seal. However, never submerge your cast in water, as this can drastically increase the chances of water seeping through.

2. Plastic Bag

Another cheap option is a plastic bag, but it can be difficult finding the right size. This is especially true if you have a large cast for your leg. However, casts for a wrist or arm can work great with this method. Try to find a newspaper bag, which tends to be the perfect size. Bread bags and small trash bags are some suitable alternatives. Just like the plastic wrap method, it’s essential to seal up the top of the bag with rubber bands or tape.

3. Cast Cover

While the options above can provide the solution you need, you may want to look at cast covers. These are specifically designed to cover a cast when in the shower. Today, there are many high-quality options that work wonders. Often called a cast sleeve, these products also usually include a small pump. This device is used to remove all air between the sleeve and cast, which forms a strong seal. While a cast cover is a more expensive option, it’s the leading method for keeping the water out!

EZ Walker Rollators Can Help

Here at EZ Walker Rollators, we’re happy to carry some of the best mobility aids online. While this includes exceptional wheelchairs, rollator walkers, and knee scooter options, we also provide bath safety solutions.

Check out our shower stool options, transfer benches, and grab bars! If you wear a cast, these products can drastically improve your shower experience.